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Kona Coffee Introduction

Kona the Haven

Kona, a small town on the Big Island of Hawaii, is a special area that has produced coffee that has captured the hearts of coffee lovers all over the world over the last few decades. In the Kona region, there is a strip of ​​2 miles wide and 20 miles long, between 700 and 2000 feet above sea level, where the slopes of Mauna Loa meet the coastline. More than 600 coffee farms are making world-famous Kona coffee in this strip, which is called the “Kona Coffee Belt”.

The Golden Belt Farm

The Kona coffee belt is unique because, unlike other coffee producing areas in Hawaii, vital conditions for growing coffee trees such as soil, precipitation, sunshine and temperature are controlled by nature. The “Golden Belt” area, 1600-2000 feet above sea level at the very center of the Kona Coffee Belt, helps coffee trees grow through intense sunshine unique to Hawaii during the day. And from 14pm to 16pm,  black clouds rising from below form cool shades. After that, the clouds come back and the cool breeze blows, and this is what the Golden Belt area repeats itself. The coffee trees in the Golden Belt are growing under a natural control tower, more efficient than any other artificial greenhouse.

The Kona Coffee Belt has been making Hawaii a world-class coffee region, producing the highest quality coffee for over 100 years.

Cherry Picking and Drying

Each coffee cherry is hand -picked and selected for quality and ripeness. After 24 hours of picking, cherries ares run through a pulper. The pulper separates the beans from the pulp. After fermented for 12 hours, the beans are sun-dried on a hoshidana, or drying rack from seven to 14 days. Then coffee beans contain optimal moisture of between 10 and13% (by Department of Agriculture of Hawaii regulations: 9.0-12.0%).

Roasting Coffee Beans

The three main coffee flavors are bitter, sweet and acidic. Kona coffee creates a stable flavor, balancing those three ones. Especially by roasting standards, Kona coffee is the most balanced in the medium flavor zone before and after the 2nd Popping. The medium zone is where the charm of delicate acidity melts in the soft and bitter taste.

On the other hand, in a strong roasting zone above dark, Kona coffee transforms into a new one with a deep, heavy body. You can taste unique sweetness, which is hidden in deep, heavy bitterness. Coffee lovers who prefer a soft and comfortable body feel can enjoy this as well. So Kona coffee can express various flavors and aroma at any various roasting points in a balanced way. It wears a variety of masks – an attractive coffee that makes you more curious.

Packaging Coffee and Café

Kona coffee is packaged into sealed bags, so our coffee lovers can enjoy the freshness and full flavors of the Hawaiian essence anywhere – click on our internet coffee shop!  If you need cozy atmosphere and friends, feel free to visit our local Kona Haven café.