World’s Best Coffee Made In Hawaii, U.S.A.


Our Coffee

Nestled on the Hawaiian slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, soaring 2,000 feet above the coast of the Big Island, lies a special region known as the Kona Coffee Belt. There, rare beans grown by Kona Haven Coffee capture the hearts of coffee lovers around the world, hand-cultivated from seed to cup. We promise uncompromising quality, so you will find a moment of aromatic sanctuary in every sip.

For more than 100 years, our family-owned boutique farm, Kona Haven, has been growing and producing coffee using the same meticulous methods. Our beans are hand-picked, milled, roasted, and packaged on our farm, and then travel their last 12.75 miles to be brewed and served at our award-winning oceanfront café. Visit us there on Kailua-Kona’s mainstreet, Ali’i Drive, or have our packaged whole coffee beans sent to you via our online shop.

Deliciously balanced and richly scented, our Kona Haven Coffee will move you to surround your cup with both hands and draw it to your heart. Close your eyes, breathe in the aroma, and as you savor your first sip, imagine the waves whispering aloha.