World’s Best Coffee Made In Hawaii, U.S.A.


Our Farm

Kona Haven is a boutique coffee farm run by our family for generations in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. At 2,000 feet above the beautiful Kona coast, we draw on the mineral-rich volcanic soils of Hualalai and cyclic weather patterns that act as a natural greenhouse.

These are ideal growing conditions, the prime spot among the distinct microclimates of the Kona Coffee Belt. There, nurtured by warm, tropical mornings and misty, mild afternoons, our coffee plants sprout from seeds placed in incredibly rich earth, unfolding and spreading to thrive under the shade of the clouds for three years before they yield beans that are ready for harvest.

Hand-picking coffee “cherries” is a labor of love, each painstakingly selected for its quality and ripeness. From there, we bring them to our farm’s wet and dry mill, where we separate the beans from the fruit and prepare them for fermentation.After a centuries-old method of preparation, our coffee beans are laid out to dry under the hot Hawaiian sun on large decks called hoshidanas.

Once aired, they are milled again and then hulled, sorted, and graded.Roasting our harvest in small, hand-crafted batches, our Master Roaster expertly balances the highland beans so that subtle bitters, earthy sweets, and delicate acidities are transformed into the beautiful roasts we offer today. Each of them is crafted with aloha from seed to plant to cup.